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Breaking the Industry Mold

In the News // April 12, 2019

By Senior Technology Consultant Nathan Jones

FieldNote® was built by Terra Spectrum Technologies (TST) to be one of the most versatile and usable pieces of software in the utility vegetation management (UVM) marketplace. With a heavy emphasis on simplified field data collection, we wanted the software to be able to handle a wide array of data types and workflows. One of the huge bonuses of designing a very flexible piece of software is that it can be used for purposes beyond the initial narrowed focus. As we expand our user base, we are finding that FieldNote can be very useful in any industry where data collection in the field is crucial, especially ones with a distributed workforce operating in a data-rich environment.

We have an increasingly diverse user base in the UVM sector, but several additional industries have presented themselves as viable markets.

FieldNote is well suited for agricultural applications. Producers can map and record plantings, chemical applications, harvesting data, as well as any other metric imaginable. Any data collected could then be shared across organizations via customized reports and dashboards.

FieldNote is a great fit for natural resource applications. Any possible metric can be monitored – wildlife surveys/counts, hazardous locations for both wildlife and recreation, invasive species and so much more!

FieldNote is built exclusively for iOS, which means that field units are relatively inexpensive and easily ruggedized for long days in the field while delivering reliable performance consistently.

Municipal government is another sector where FieldNote shines. Not only could any department collect and analyze field data, but mobile timesheets that track crew and equipment usage are already built into the system. And with the ability to manage multiple workspaces in the same account, FieldNote can manage multiple departments within the same organization easily with no additional customization.

FieldNote truly is a powerful tool that allows an organization to harness the potential of field data. Intuitive reporting and dashboard tools allow instant access and analysis of your data, and a user-oriented interface allows data to be collected quickly and accurately in the field.

When you think of FieldNote, we hope you think of software with its roots firmly planted in the UVM world. Growing from those roots, however, is an expansive and adaptable system that reaches far and wide into a variety of other industries.