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In the News // May 01, 2019

By Vice President Travis Yordi

Listening to our clients is vital to our success; their needs, ideas and feedback are at the center of our operations. We value the opinions of those field and office users so much that we incorporate them into our development pipeline, helping us prioritize which features to roll out next. This year has been an exciting one – introducing new features to our FieldNote platform and laying a new foundation that we will unveil in the coming months.

We looked at how our users were using the FieldNote app and what types of data they were syncing on a daily basis. With the results of our analysis, we determined that we should focus on two things; decrease the amount of records synced at any given time and reduce the size of those records. As a result, we were able to reduce the payload size of each record by 40% and we implemented a new feature that allows each user to determine exactly what datasets they want to sync. These two updates reduced some of our users sync times by 90%, saving them time in the field and costs in cellular data.

The other new feature we want to highlight is the ability to collect photos in the FieldNote app. Our clients use this feature to capture images of signed permission slips for tree removals, take photos of existing property damage, and document vegetation conditions before and after the work is completed, among other things. The ability to capture photos is great, but syncing them can significantly add to the cellular data usage of our users.

To combat this, we also added a feature that allows a user to wait to sync their photos until they are able to connect to Wi-Fi. Should they choose to forego waiting, the app notifies them of the total amount of data they will use so that they can make an informed decision. These features have been very well received and we look forward to seeing additional strides in the future.

Speaking of the future, big things are coming soon to the FieldNote user website. On June 1, we will launch our completely redesigned user website that will not only provide a new look and feel but add more functionality. We listened to your feedback and ideas, and we are excited to unveil it.

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