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Uncategorized // October 29, 2019

By Senior Product Manager Ting Zhang

How long have you worked at TST?

I’ve worked for TST since the company was created, almost 10 years ago.

How has the software changed from when you first began working for TST?

When we started TST, I remember designing our first planning software because everyone in the UVM industry worked with paper workflows. Our goal then was to make the process easier on our customers by making their data accessible on a desktop computer.

Right now, with FieldNote on iPads and in the app store, it is easier than ever to enter and access data anywhere at any time. Customers are able to enter data in the field on our app, without having to use a pen. Most of our forms have drop down menus, so it’s really easy to scroll and click without having to type the same data repeatedly. And, once they’ve entered the data, they click a button, and it is all saved securely on our servers. Whoever is in the office, can quickly log into the website and review a process or pull a report in real-time.

How does the TST team work together?

Each of our team members has different specialties but we all focus on the support of our customers.

Product Manager Dave Reed is focused on the FieldNote app development and I focus on the FieldNote website development. Nathan Jones, our field technology consultant, and Travis Yordi, the director of application architecture, work directly with customers prior to launching the FieldNote app, and provide trainings during and after the launch.

We’re like a family. We have each other’s backs and always kick in and try to help when it’s needed.

What is the process of launching FieldNote for new customers?

It can be a fast process. Travis or Nathan initially meets with customers and potential customers to talk about their workflow process and software needs. Once we have that information and any data that needs to be pre-entered, like employee names, it is really easy for Dave and me to get everyone and everything loaded on the website and app. Customers can also create their own NoteBooks and forms on the website.

What is your favorite part of your workday?

I really like the challenge every day, and the fast-paced work environment. I also like that we talk to our customers directly all the time. They have my phone number and can call me whenever they’d like. Every day I get to help customers, solve their software problems, and immediately hear from them about the results. At the end of the day, I feel like I am making an impact, making progress, and making our customer’s lives better and easier.

What can we expect from FieldNote in the future?

FieldNote was designed to be easily configurable, so it covers a lot of functionalities. Right now, we’re working on polishing the app. We are constantly working on improving the app and adding in more user options. We recently updated the FieldNote website and added options to upload GIS files, photos and more.

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