New Customer Website

Announcements // November 15, 2019

By Senior Technology Consultant Nathan Jones

As you may know, we passed a major milestone last year with the release of the FieldNote® app, which completely revolutionized the way our clients are able to collect data in the field. Once the app was completed, it was time to dedicate our resources toward improving the other half of our business – the FieldNote website.

Recently, Terra Spectrum Technologies (TST) had the pleasure of releasing our brand-new client-facing website. The new site represents several months of hard work by our team and is a welcome addition to our client offerings. The new site design has a similar look and feel to the FieldNote app – making it a cohesive compliment to its sister component.

We knew that the new website would need to retain all the core functionality that our clients rely on to manage their utility vegetation management (UVM) programs.

Here is a peek at the updates:

  • Clients are still able to fully configure the FieldNote app, control field users and workgroups, and generate very detailed reports and dashboards, but now they are also able to upload their own GIS files to the site, allowing for more control over updating maps, parcel files, etc.
  • We took the process of designing custom forms up a notch by making it more intuitive and user-friendly in the field.
  • We revamped how the user creates and manages reports and dashboards by simplifying the process of extracting detailed reports from field data, allowing our clients to be closer to their data than ever before.

This is just a sneak peek into the improvements in the FieldNote website. If you haven’t already seen the new look and would like to dive in for a closer look with a demo, contact us via our website.