Developer Download: Meet our newest team member!

Industry // May 11, 2020

Josh Plowman, Front End Web DeveloperJosh Plowman

What are your job responsibilities at Terra Spectrum Technologies (TST)?

I work on improving the look and feel of the web application, focusing on creating a great user experience. I work closely with Director Travis Yordi and Product Manager Ting Zhang on the FieldNote website. I build off what they have made and try to polish it.

What do you like about working at TST?

I like the team – everyone’s fun and I like that I can make an impact. Since we have a core group of developers, there is a lot of responsibility on my end to do it right. I was able to make an impact from day one.

What’s the process for creating features for the FieldNote website?

Our process from development to production is pretty fast. Generally, when I build out a new feature, it will be put into production later that week. I can work on creating something from scratch one week and then it’s being used by customers on the FieldNote website the next.

Which features have you been working on?

Recently, I added feedback to a button on the website, making this feature more intuitive. For example, now every time someone on the FieldNote website adds a new user, a notice will appear that says if it was successful or not. I’m trying to add features that will help create a better user experience overall.

What’s some of your past experience?

I’ve done a lot of consulting work on front-end designs for everything from start-ups to enterprise. At TST, I’m working in coding languages that I know well and have worked with in the past. Being able to apply that knowledge in a different way has been enjoyable for me.

What’s one of your hobbies?

I produce sounds and DJ in my free time. I started producing about a year ago. I was interested in the way the digital audio stations worked. They’re very complicated applications and the fact that everything works is amazing. When I got into producing it segued into DJing because I was making it, so I thought I might as well play it.


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