The Azure Assurance

Industry // May 29, 2020
By Vice President Travis Yordi

Computing is changing. We see it everywhere – from how we get our news and entertainment to how we work. Mobile phones and tablets have more capabilities today than desktop computers had less than a decade ago. Owning physical copies of movies and software has been replaced by subscription services and cloud hosting.

Especially right now, as the majority of the work force is learning how to work from home, the ability to connect with each other securely digitally is important. At TST, we believe is important to not only drive some of these changes, but also be responsive to the changes happening around us.

As cloud hosting services have expanded and matured, we decided that the time was right to migrate our cloud-based services from our co-location facility to the Microsoft Azure (pronounced A-zhr) platform. With this transition now complete, our clients are receiving more value than ever before through enhanced security, additional server resources and near infinite storage and scalability.

Monitoring Performance

Azure gives the TST team the ability to monitor our FieldNote® platform utilization in real-time. Meaning we are able to see the performance of our services as our clients are using them and make adjustments on the fly as needed.

Securing Your Information

Azure also contains advanced security measures to identify rapidly evolving threats and allows us to implement a layered approach to security to help keep your information safe.

Scaling Up Without Drag

Cloud hosting provides for nearly unlimited resources to scale with your data and workloads. This means that you can add more users and collect more data without negatively impacting performance.

Backing Up Your Data

With cloud hosting, your data can be replicated across geographic zones, keeping it safe in the event of a natural disaster or regional power outage.

Azure has given us incredible new tools to help solidify the back end of our platform so we can focus on new features and functionality for all of you. We couldn’t be more pleased with the increased level of performance, security, and peace of mind that we are now able provide and look forward to the next chapter of the FieldNote platform.