New Features Improve FieldNote App User Experience (UX)

Industry // June 23, 2020

By Vice President Travis Yordi

We are continuously updating our software with our clients’ needs in mind. Check out these four new features inspired by client requests.

1) Automatically Copy Shapes from Item on Map

  • Prior: Users would tap out each corner of the object they were drawing, which could be a bit tedious.
  • Solution: If a GIS layer is present (which contains data and a shape that the user wants) all the user needs to do is drop a new item on the map and the shape drawn and data is imported for them automatically.
  • Benefit: This one feature has saved many hours of data entry in the field and increased productivity.

2) Turn Icons On/Off

  • Prior: In FieldNote, each item that you map has an icon and a color associated with it to represent things like the status of an item or what type of work is needed at a specific location. However, if a lot of items are mapped it can get cluttered and icons can end up getting in the way.
  • Solution: Our most recent client asked if there was a way to turn off icons. We built out an option screen to allow the user to not only remove an icon, but change its size and transparency too. If you haven’t yet tried this new feature out for yourself, you can find it in Settings > Forms.
  • Benefit: By allowing an option to turn on/off the icons and change size and transparency, it simplifies the screen and readability.

3) New Basemaps Available

  • Prior: FieldNote always allowed our users to select between a baseman of streets or satellite imagery, but now we’ve added even more options.
  • Solution: There are now multiple street maps available, including light and dark themes. The topo maps are also a great option for our clients doing work in rugged country.
  • Benefit: Clients can inspect the terrain before they arrive and, combined with the satellite imagery, identify any potentially hazardous or inaccessible areas.

4) Multi-select Field

  • Prior: Clients weren’t able to select multiple fields in one window.
  • Solution: This type of field is a great option for things like species detected in a plot of a survey or for the types of work or equipment needed at a location. You can add it to new or existing forms and the feature is available to use in the latest version of the FieldNote app.
  • Benefit: This feature makes it easier for the user to select multiple items in one window.

This article was published in “The Spectrum Standard,” a section of the Wright Service Corp. biannual newsletter, The Wright Perspective. Read the full newsletter here.