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In the News, Industry // November 24, 2020

By Senior Product Manager Dave Reed

Choosing the right vegetation management software can mean a world of difference. Just like many other aspects of our industry, there is competition in the area of software used on a contract. Here are a few ways TST has positioned the FieldNote® application to be successful in this arena.

Real-time Customization

Often software can be very rigid and inflexible, and you may be required to wait perhaps weeks for seemingly simple change requests to be implemented. Especially toward the beginning of a contract, changes are inevitable and quick turn-around is imperative to getting the project going in a timely fashion. FieldNote was built to be extremely flexible. Need to add to a list, add a new field, or even an entirely new form? We can have this accomplished in mere minutes, and contract admins can even make these changes themselves via the FieldNote website, which will reflect in the field tablet upon their next sync.

Data Visualization

The FieldNote app is a visual experience that is driven by collected data. At a glance, a field person can get a birds-eye view of where they’ve been and what’s ahead in their workflow as graphics are drawn out for them on the map – which can change color and/or the icon itself based on the most recent data from their last sync.

The FieldNote website takes all that collected data and provides tools for rich, detailed reports and charts for management and administration to see the current state of their projects and make decisions based on their present situation.


For active projects, datasets are guaranteed to do one thing: grow. Lots of data is a great thing for analytics but can easily get overwhelming for a field person who just wants to see what’s on their plate. With FieldNote Perspectives, you only see what you want to see. If you’re a general foreman and want to get a birds-eye view of your project, you can do that. If you’re a tree climber and want to only see the outstanding work that’s assigned to your crew, you can do that. Perspectives is a powerful tool that helps you filter out all the noise so it’s clear that what’s on your map is a picture of your current tasks.

These are just a few of the things that set TST’s FieldNote apart from the competition. The continued positive feedback from our customers and their glowing word-of-mouth reviews are building our reputation as an industry leader in vegetation management software.