FieldNote Update – v1.8

Announcements // January 17, 2024

We will be releasing an update on Sunday, January 21, pending App Store approval. The update will include the following:

New & Revised Features

  • Tools button (bottom toolbar)
    • Bulk Update (formerly ‘Update Builder’)
      • Memory management and speed improvements.
    • Bulk Create (New)
      • Create many records at once from selected map file features.
  • Selection Tool
    • Added a button for deselecting based on map selection area.
    • New ‘Single’ mode gives the ability to tap on an item and select or deselect via actions.
  • Clean Tool
    • You will now need to opt-in to each cleaning option.

Bug Fixes

  • Map item labeling disappearing after editing a record.
  • Having to hit ‘done’ after editing a shape in order for the edit to save if no other changes were made to the form.
  • Photos not showing in embedded link views when viewing items.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the team.