Is crew training included with the license fee?

At the start of the contract, there is a one-time deployment fee that covers in-person consulting, training, and ongoing support.

Does FieldNote have the capability to take and save photos of worksites?

Yes, FieldNote allows you to take and save photos of properties, vegetation, and anything else you can think of.

Who handles user support for FieldNote?

User support for FieldNote is handled in-house by the Terra Spectrum Technology team – no contracted call centers required.

How many field users can FieldNote support at once?

There is no limit to the number of users that can operate on the system at one time.

How quickly can changes be made to NoteBooks and forms on field units?

Seconds – changes made on the FieldNote website are pushed to field units upon data syncing.

What if I need to add users midway through the year?

You can add users by adding and assigning a new license key with a click of a button on the FieldNote website.