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New Features Improve FieldNote App User Experience (UX)

Industry // June 23, 2020

By Travis Yordi, Director We are continuously updating our software with our clients’ needs in mind. Check out these four new features inspired by client requests. 1) Automatically Copy Shapes from Item on Map Prior: Users would tap out each corner of the object they were drawing, which could be a bit tedious. Solution: If Read more


The Azure Assurance

Industry // May 29, 2020

By Travis Yordi, Director Computing is changing. We see it everywhere – from how we get our news and entertainment to how we work. Mobile phones and tablets have more capabilities today than desktop computers had less than a decade ago. Owning physical copies of movies and software has been replaced by subscription services and Read more


DEVELOPER DOWNLOAD: Meet our newest team member!

Industry // May 11, 2020

Josh Plowman, Front End Web Developer What are your job responsibilities at Terra Spectrum Technologies (TST)? I work on improving the look and feel of the web application, focusing on creating a great user experience. I work closely with Director Travis Yordi and Product Manager Ting Zhang on the FieldNote website. I build off what Read more