FieldNote Website

Consider the FieldNote website the nerve center of your operation. You can create forms, tailor dropdown menus, set default settings and more. Your custom reports and dashboards allow you to make intelligent decisions based on the data you’ve collected in the field.

Create a Workspace

Use workspaces to separate workflows and unrelated activities. Each workspace has a unique set of forms, work groups and reports.

Build Your Own Forms

Configure your forms with drop down lists, text boxes, photos and more. Link forms to associate assets, like trees, work orders and locations, together.

Integrate Existing GIS Layers

Upload your existing map files for distribution to the FieldNote app.

Organize Workgroups

Permissions determine which users see each form and what they’re allowed to create, edit or view – whether they’re on the app or building/generating reports.

Make Intuitive Dashboards and Reports

Create reports for data analysis and easily export to excel or add charts to your dashboards for ready-to-present analytics.

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